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free movies and webseries download | 2020 movies and webseries | free download movies

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1. Sin (2020) : s1 e1 to e6 #hindi webdl #drama #romance #thriller #adult
Download links:  1. sin S1 E1 to E3 2. sin S1 E4 to E6
2. Kota factory 2019 : S1 E1 to E5 #comedy #drama
Screenshots :
Download links :  1. kota factory s1 E1-E5
3. Peter Rabbit 2018 : #adventure #comedy #family #dualAudio
Screenshots :
Download links : 1. peter rabbit 2018 720p dual audio 2. peter rabbit 2018 480p dual audio
4. Corona virus: the silent killer 2020 #documentary #multiaudio
Screenshots :
Download links : 1. corona virus silent killer 2020 1080p multi audio 2. corona virus the silent killer 2020 720p multi audio
5. She 2020 S1 E1-E7 web-DL #hindi #drama #crime
Screenshots :

mobile gaming market in India | 2020 mobile games | pc gaming

Gaming industry market in India | mobile gaming
Mobile gaming industry is widely spreading accross the country since the most loved pc game came to mobile platform, yes you guessed it right 'pubg mobile'. Market of pubg mobile in India have made it's hands strong, currently pubg mobile is rulling the play store. Many eSports athletes loves to play this title as it provides survival and action base gameplay, players have to survive till the end. So this kind of games are creating place in gamers heart because it is challenging and hard to play. There are lots of games other than pubg mobile and they are also fun to play one of them is 'ludo'. It's a board game that brings everyone close to eachother, we can play with our friends and family, it brings joy and it is fun to play as any age person loves to play board games and since it's a quarantine this is the chance for you to spend time with your elders and family while playing board games.  After the launch o…

play premium games for free | ACmarket | android

Now you can play premium games for free without paying any single penny to the app store. Today I brought something for you guys, one app and everything is free of cost. ACmarket is one of the free platform for those who does not afford to play premium games, installation of this app is very easy.
Step 1: go to its official site ACmarket.
Step 2: download application and install.
Step 3:  grant permission if ACmarket ask for permissions, it is safe and secure I've tried this app. 
Step 4: download your favourite premium game and enjoy 🙂.
If you need more such applications just drop your comments below.
Thank you...

Epic Store | free | free | free | GTA V is now free to download on epic store

The vault has been open, epic store has made this game free on their store, hurry up fast the offer is limited until 21st may. More games are going to be free to download on store page, keep an eye on epic store.

Epic store has put the GTA V premium edition game free to download Click Here to redirect on store page.  Go grab this masterpiece until it is too late. 

This offer is only for pc gamers, sorry console players!

How to hack games using game guardian

Hacking games with game guardian,
I will tell you some steps to penetrate an application using game guardian so keep following steps and watch the attached video.

Step 1: download game guardian app from browser game guardian download 64 bit if your mobile support 64 bit application.
Step 2: downloadparallel space 64 bit from game guardianand download parallel space 64 bit support app as well, so you can hack 64 bit games easily.
Step 3: Install game guardian and parallel space all 3 apps, then game guardian will create 2 app files SW & HW open SW it will ask you to install game guardian again but as random name, install it. This is for games so they will not detect that you are using any hacking app.
Step 4: open parallel space and select the game you want to hack and select the game guardian app with random text name indicated as SW add them both in parallel space. 
Step 5: open game guardian in parallel space, start it, and minimize it. Open game that you want to hack.
Step 6: after s…

Upcoming most anticipated games of 2020

So people here are some most anticipated games of 2020 and their release date, there are plenty of games coming to pc this year and beyond, from upcoming triple-A title games or highly hyped games all are coming to your favourite platform Steam, Uplay, Epic store, Origin. Make your PC's storage empty for these games to add to your wishlist, let's have look at these titles.

Release date- 14 July 2020Type- ActionPublisher- kojima production/505 games From legendary game creator hideo kojima come an all new game, genre-defying experience.
     Starring norman reedus, mads Mickelson, lea seydoux, lindsay wagner. Sam bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by death Stranding, he embarks on a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time.


Release date- 4 September 2020TypeSuperhero action-adventurePublisher: Square Enix Marvel's avenger is an epic, third person, action-adventure game that combines an original, cin…

Covid-19: What you need to know today

As we can see that the spreading news of corona virus over the globe, India is also going to face bad time in near future. Around six states accounted 91% of daily average death toll, and Gujarat and Maharashtra are two of them accounted 66% daily average death rate.
Delhi and Tamil Nadu see more cases a day, but, on average, have seen fewer deaths in the 10-day period considered. Whichever way you look at it, that is a reflection of the quality of the public health system in these states – they are getting more cases but fewer people are dying. 
          As a Indian we should co-operate with the government and with their rules and regulations unless we will face economic crisis in coming months. As of now almost all the States of India are lockdown but still the cases of covid-19 are growing, but luckily the increase rate of virus India is lower than any other country and people of India should take it seriously because it is not just regular Flu.
          Government of India is al…